theme.0031 made by pspretty // preview . code


  • four links
  • 500px post
  • sidebar image 64px
  • appearence
  • tooltip


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  • dont remove the credit


i wrote fic (GASP) 

its ben/cillian, and it follows them from before new world to canon to a bit after, its a bit over 21k words

here’s a link! 


wow…so this is my first ever theme that i’ve working on for a grueling 4+ hours (which isn’t that long lmao.) seriously though i’m really happy about this i usually just edit redux or base codes but i actually did this myself? from SCRATCH??

it has a lot of problems i’m sure…and i only made one post size, which is 350px so the video posts look weird, so sorry ‘bout that…but nevertheless i’m proud!

live preview // code

thank you!! & ps if u decide to use it pls let me know i’d love to see what u did w/ it ;_;


"options theme"

this theme features quite a bit of options, but again, not overwhelming. it offers 3 different sidebar options as seen in the previews / photos as well as 2 different post info styles and others.

  • optional 250px, 400px and 500px
  • 3 different sidebar styles
  • 2 different post info styles
  • shadow colors (if you don’t want a shadow just put it same color as your background)
  • optional post borders
  • optional post opacity
  • search bar in 2 of the sidebar styles
  • background and sidebar images
  • fun amount of custom colors

blue preview / white preview / pink preview - pastebin code


THEME 02 : O M B R É

live preview: x & x (1280x800 version) |  pastebin & pastebin (1280x800 ver)

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F E A T U R E S :
  • infinite scrolling
  • fixed sidebar with custom icon (size must be 100x100px)
  • 400px posts only
  • gradient background option
  • keep the description long - it looks better :p
  • main title looks best if it’s four lines
  • 3 customisable links
C R E D I T S :


Theme06: best dead friends forever



  • 250px posts
  • sidebar (image; description; title; 6 links)
  • mini cursor
  • customizable colors
  • custom tumblr controls
  • pages
  • fading sidebar image

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Theme #12 Carmen 8 by urie/kilmorecove

Preview: staticCodepastebinfreetexthost

Description: A 400px theme with header. The header resizes on scroll, the background image and the colors change as well. The navigation links become visible after you hover the header icon. The description and the extra links (you can add up to 5 of them) appear with a popup menu.

This theme also features: optional popup askbox (don’t forget to add your tumblr username to make it work!), header subtitle, show/hide caption  option, optional lazyload, and webkit scrollbar. All colors are customizable.

Image sizes: 500px x 200px header background, 128px x 128px icon.

Keep the credits intact, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and don’t copy, thanks.

Theme 3: Now or Never | by bisexualamy

static preview / code


  • Don’t steal or claim as your own
  • Don’t use as a base
  • Don’t touch the credit


  • One sidebar image that automatically resizes
  • Hover for 5 roman numeral links, 3 customizable, with labels
  • Option of 400px or 500px wide posts
  • Option for hover tags
  • Optional title
  • Jump pagination
  • Easily customizable colors

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theme #8 you are my beginning by jasnahdavar


do not steal/redistribute/remove credit
do not use as a base code without my permission
do feel free to edit as much as you like


400px posts
200px sidebar image
6 sidebar links
visible tags, post notes
customisable colours
a lot of colours in this theme

there’s some help at the beginning of the code if you need it but feel free to ask me any questions

preview // code

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Hey guys I updated my transparent redux theme! I fixed a few glitchy things and made it look neater.

preview + features // code

my ask is always open if you have any questions and heres some nice backgrounds to use!