Theme 6 -  EMPTY HANDED, version 1

(preview) & pastebin

  • 500px posts
  • 215px sidebar image
  • 4 custom links
  • No visible title
  • Pagination found at bottom of page
  • sidebar credit: ofabeautifulnight 

Theme 6 - EMPTY HANDED, version 2

(preview) & pastebin

  • 500px posts
  • 500px sidebar image
  • 10 custom links
  • Visible title
  • Pagination found at bottom of page
  • sidebar credit: ofabeautifulnight 

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theme pack by yifan
includes two themes

"There are many tomorrows, but only one today."

theme 4
europa: preview / code

sidebar theme
64px icon image
3 custom links
400px text posts
infinite scroll
webkit scrollbar 

theme 5
profound: preview / code

sidebar theme
96px icon image
4 custom links
500px text posts 


↳ Live Preview || Code 

  • 500 Size Posts.
  • 9 Custom Links.
  • Plagiarism protection.
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Never remove the credits, inspiration is different from copies. If the theme have a problem or you have any doubt about it just comes into contact.


theme two by lovegooed

live preview | code

  • 400px posts
  • 80 x 80 sidebar image
  • 4 custom/extra links
  • base code by farahmir

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Theme 01 ‘An Utter Fool' by valyrianthemes

Live Preview (temp.) / Static Preview / Code

  • 400px posts
  • one column 
  • 4 custom links
  • Optional desaturated sidebar image
  • Variety of colour options

Please don’t remove any of the credits and please don’t claim as your own.

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okay so here it finally is lmao sort of simple but cute features and all customizable. however, for certain colors to change read the info in the read more or the static preview!!!11!

senpai theme

  • optional cover background
  • optional pop up links!
  • 250px 400px 500px post sizes
  • optional captions and tags
  • sidebar image
  • color customizations
  • pagination or infinite scroll
  • and some other stuff i guess lmao

Static Preview - Pastebin Code

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                {THEME PACK!} 

Hey guys! Since I have been a bit down all weekend I did some themes to entertain myself and to be honest I am loving all of them (specially the last one i have made, probably using it because i haven’t even tried in my blog but fjldksjfañ it looks super cute). So here are the 3 themes I have done and please  LIKE THE POST IF YOU LIKE OR USE THEM AND TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS STYLE OF THEMES.

   Theme 43

It has 4 customizable links.
A short description is recommended.
Sidebar image 100x100

Static preview - PastebinFreetexthost

    Theme 44

4 customizable links.
100x100px sidebar image.
Cuter with a short description.

Static preview - Pastebin - Freetexthost

     Theme 45
4 customizable links.
300x850px image sidebar ( if not the image it will repeat ) this one is actually my fave i just love it <3

Static preview - Pastebin - Freetexthost

Well that’s it. Please like the post and reblog it so more people can find it (?) I don’t know, just tell me what you think about them even if you hate them! I love you.

The Tomorrow People Icons (64x64)


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Violetlive preview (temporary) static preview

  • 250/400/500 size posts
  • 10 custom links
  • pagination/endless scrolling/grayscale/show caption option
  • date/notes/via,source links on index page

was previously the theme for my theme blog